Aspen Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence

Developing exceptional leaders focused on student success.
The Aspen Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence aims to develop a cadre of exceptional leaders who can transform community colleges to achieve higher levels of student success while maintaining broad access. Drawing on the exemplary work of excellent community colleges, the Aspen Institute engages a select group of fellows each year in this intensive, applied leadership executive program, delivered in collaboration with Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative. The year-long fellowship includes three on-campus residential seminars plus structured mentoring for applied learning and the development of a strategic leadership vision. The Aspen Presidential Fellowship centers on three broad themes:
Leading for Impact
Defining and assessing student success in four key domains: learning, completion, labor market, and equitable outcomes.
Leading Transformational Change
Re-envisioning the institutional culture and core practices to deeply and sustainably improve student success.
Partnering for Collective Action
Designing new structures with external partners - including K-12 schools, universities, community-based organizations, and employers - to improve student success.
Sessions are led by Aspen Institute and Stanford University faculty, as well as some of the nation’s top community college professionals and higher education experts, incorporating case studies, promising practices, and emerging research.
This new fellowship program is one of the most hopeful signs I’ve seen in years for the development of community college leaders who can make a difference. There really are powerful skill-sets for leading mission-centered changed in our colleges, but until now, they had to be discovered on the job. I believe this kind of formation for our emerging leaders will accelerate our progress toward moving the needle on student outcomes.
President Sandy Shugart, Valencia College
The Aspen Institute is giving me the training, teaching, and tools I need to hit the ground running as a new community college president. Its commitment to developing a new generation of leaders is just what our community colleges need in order to achieve our collective mission.
President Meghan Hughes, Community College of Rhode Island,
Aspen Presidential Fellowship Class of 2016 – 2017
Thinking about student success by including learning, completion, labor market, and equitable outcomes as equal parts in measuring the whole of success has challenged and enlightened me. My new definition of student success is one that focuses on the goal of making the middle class possible for our students.
– Dr. Michael A. Baston, Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Provost, LaGuardia Community College

Meet the 2016-2017 Fellows

Aspen Presidential Fellows are motivated by the goal of making a difference in communities by profoundly improving student access and success. Fellows lead with tenacity, passion, urgency, and a constant belief in a better future for our students.
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Millicent Bender, Senior Program Manager