Open Access Curriculum: Teaching the Practices of Excellent Community Colleges

Delivering solid strategies colleges can use to ensure student success.
With support from the Lumina Foundation, CEP is working with leading practitioners and experts to develop a set of open-access curricular materials designed to help presidents, other leaders, and practitioners learn concrete strategies for reaching high and improving levels of student success in learning, completion/ transfer, labor market, and equitable outcomes. The curricular materials – including readings, case studies, individual and team exercises, videos, and sample agendas for convenings of various length – will serve as an evolving platform for collecting and disseminating new knowledge as it emerges. The purpose of the curricular materials is to:
  • Provide an open-access package of instructional resources that can be plugged into or adapted for curriculum in a wide range settings—including professional development programs, fellowships, targeted institutes or workshops, and university-based leadership development courses.
  • Provide participants in those forums a comprehensive framework for understanding, enacting, and evaluating their role as leaders of transformational change focused on student success.
  • Show use cases of these resources tailored to different settings as a guide for future agenda development.
Once complete, the curriculum holds promise to advance the skill sets necessary to undertake scaled institutional reform, tapping into leading-edge practices in areas such as change management, guided pathways, intrusive advising, and partnering with employers and other educational organizations through collective impact strategies. CEP is field-testing elements of the curriculum in symposia for sitting community college presidents who are part of the Achieving the Dream network and as part of the American Association of Community College’s Pathways Project.
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Millicent Bender, Senior Program Manager