Impressive Outcomes:

Deep approach to teaching and learning, with a focus on meta-cognition

Serve significantly higher percentage of underrepresented minorities (68%) than in service area (50%)

Chaffey College

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Number of Students: 25,305 Suburban 
Chaffey College, a federally designated Hispanic-Serving Institution and one of California’s oldest colleges, serves a large and diverse area in suburban Southern California. The vast majority of Chaffey’s students attend part-time, and students of color are overrepresented at the college relative to its service area. The college has made significant efforts to orient its culture and practices around “growth mindset” – the belief that every student can build on their strengths through hard work. As a result of this intentional focus, the college stands out nationally for its approach to teaching and providing academic support for students.