Catherine O’Brien, Ed.D.

Dr. Catherine O’Brien is the Associate Vice Chancellor of College Readiness at Houston Community College, overseeing P-16 Initiatives, Developmental Education and Student Success, and Adult Education programs.

Dr. O’Brien earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York; her Master’s degree in English Education from the State University of New York at Oneonta, New York; her Mid-Management Certification from the University of Houston; and her Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies from the University of Houston.

Dr. O’Brien has been in education for 32 years, starting out as a high school English teacher and then moving to K-12 leadership prior to transitioning to community college education. Having taught as adjunct faculty throughout her career at community colleges and universities, her transition brought her to a full-time faculty position prior to moving into progressive leadership positions after her first semester as full-time faculty.

Dr. O’Brien has a passion for at-risk students and providing opportunities for students in moving to and through high school to college to career. Creating innovative programming, accelerated pathways to success, and external connections, Dr. O’Brien seeks to serve the greater Houston area. Her background in K-12 education has provided a strength in impacting the critical transition from high school to college. Her philosophy of education is grounded in her belief that all individuals are capable of learning and attaining educational achievement given the right opportunity and support. It has been her career mission to help students realize their full potential.