Jeff Thies

2024-25 Aspen Rising Presidents Fellow
Dr. Thies has over 23 years of experience in higher education. Previously, he served as Dean of College Readiness and Student Success here at Pima. Dr. Thies also served as a Dean of Academic Studies at Lee College in Baytown, Texas, and as District Chair, Athletic Director, and Faculty at Central Arizona College.

Dr. Thies holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Arizona State University, a Master of Arts in Education from Northern Arizona University, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education from the University of Arizona. Hired by PCC in 2015 to lead the College’s Developmental Education Redesign, Dr. Thies was fortunate to work closely with teams of dedicated staff and faculty to support significant changes focused on gateway English and math success. The efforts of the various teams to improve progress to and through gateway courses led the College to a Bellwether Award in 2020.

Dr. Thies is highly committed to serving students through an equity lens and focused on access, equity, and excellence.