Purva DeVol

2024-25 Aspen Rising Presidents Fellow
Dr. Purva DeVol is the Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Triton College, where she spearheads pivotal initiatives in strategic planning, accreditation, grants management, professional development, and equity and inclusion. Her leadership extends to a transformative program aimed at empowering at-risk communities through academic and employment opportunities yielding high-skill, high-wage outcomes.

A peer reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 2015, Dr. DeVol's commitment to excellence was recognized with a national accreditation award in 2022. As a mentor for the HLC Assessment Academy and chair for peer review teams, she actively contributes to elevating educational standards. Dr. DeVol has also made scholarly contributions to the fields of education and science through publications and presentations at national innovation and research conferences.

With a multifaceted background in institutional planning, communications, academic affairs, and student services, Dr. DeVol’s experience spans across college, university, and high school environments. She has taught and mentored students towards academic success.

Dedicated to fostering equity and inclusion in higher education, Dr. DeVol serves as a leader on the statewide Illinois Community College Diversity Commission, advocating for access and support for all students.

Dr. DeVol holds Doctorate degrees in both Educational Psychology and Leadership, a Master’s degree in Communication Studies, and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. "