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81% part-time graduation rate, across 92% of students who are part-time

94% employment rate for students 1 year after graduation

$48,696 annual earnings of graduate 1 year after graduation compared to $44,914 median family income of location and $25,317 median earnings in region for those with some college or associate’s degree (from FactFinder, US Census Bureau) 

Daytona State Nursing Program

The two-year nursing program at Daytona State College in northeast Florida prepares students to be professional, ethical, and competent caregivers. The program, which combines a rigorous curriculum, strong and consistent student supports, and an array of clinical experiences, boasts extraordinary employment rates and high median annual earnings for students one year after graduation. Recognizing that many hospitals are moving to increase the proportion of employed nurses with at least a baccalaureate degree, the program helps nurses seamlessly obtain advanced degrees by aligning its curriculum with bachelor of science nursing programs across the state. This understanding of the sector as well as a host of thoughtful student supports enable Daytona State to achieve such strong results. 

Siemens Technical Scholars from the Daytona State Nursing Program

Marisha Baker
Brittany Canidate
Susan Carchi