Quick Hits:

81% full-time graduation rate  

99% retention rate  

$54,242 annual earnings of graduate 1 year after graduation compared to $35,698 median earnings in region for those with some college or associate’s degree (from FactFinder, US Census Bureau) 

MATC Electrical Power and Distribution Program

Students in the electrical power and distribution program at Manhattan Area Technical College in northeast Kansas climb power poles on their second day, lead crews as foreman, participate in summer internships, face simulated severe weather conditions, and cap off the year by building a distribution system. Students are constantly introduced to state-of-the-art equipment, and they take a final test that the program created with lots of input from the field and that has since been adopted by a national organization. Given this intense preparation, it’s no surprise that the program has a 99% retention rate and strong median annual earnings for graduates. Many alumni are leading the industry and stay involved in advising the program, ensuring that MATC continues to provide employers what they need. 

Siemens Technical Scholars from the MATC Electrical Power and Distribution Program

Joey Zamarano