The Excellence and Equity in Community College STEM Award aims to highlight the exceptional community college programs that prepare diverse students for jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Only 20% of all community colleges were invited to apply. A brief overview of eligibility criteria and the award selection process is detailed below.
1. Eligibility
Institutions among the top 150 institutions eligible for the Aspen Prize are also eligible to submit a program for consideration in the Siemens award.

In addition, institutions that place within the top half of the Aspen Prize performance metrics and have also achieved above average outcomes on the Aspen Prize’s equity measures -- including graduation rates for Pell grant recipients, graduation rates for underrepresented students of color, and credentials awarded per 100 full-time equivalent students of color – may submit a program for the Siemens award.

Check your institution’s eligibility here.

For further questions about application eligibility, please email Ben Barrett at Ben.Barrett@aspeninstitute.org. 
2. Application
Presidents and vice presidents of workforce/CTE at all institutions on the eligibility list have received an email with application instructions.

Colleges are responsible for determining which programs to submit for consideration. Eligible institutions may submit up to two programs in the following industry focus areas: advanced manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and information technology.

Applications include several narrative questions about program goals, design, outreach practices, partnerships, student support resources, and teaching and learning approaches. The application also requires a short data section. Only programs from eligible institutions may access the application. 
3. Program Selection and Scholar Selection
Each application is read by at least two individuals from a selection committee of community college and workforce education experts. Selection committee members score each application using a common rubric, which takes into consideration each program/institution’s socioeconomic context, geography, and industry or field.

The Aspen team then conducts phone calls with program leadership from the top 5-10 applications from each industry focus area. These follow-up calls allow the Aspen team to learn more about finalists’ practices and to address any questions submitted by selection committee members.

The selection committee convenes in early 2020 to discuss all finalist programs and to choose the winning programs. Each winning program receives a prize of $50,000. Half of this amount is allocated for further program development, and the other half is allocated for student scholarships (Siemens Technical Scholars).

After winning programs are announced, the Aspen team works with awarded program leaders to select Siemens Technical Scholars from within their respective programs. Information about this process will be shared with award winners upon receipt of the award.  
4. Research and Elevation
Winning programs and their Siemens Technical Scholars tell their stories through widely disseminated materials (i.e., scholar profiles, presentations) and assist in toolkit development.
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Tess Henthorne, Program Manager