The Siemens-Aspen Community College STEM Award aims to highlight the exceptional programs that prepare students for middle-skill jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. From more than 1000 community colleges, 100+ institutions were invited to apply. A brief overview of the selection process is detailed below, and more information on our methodology can be found in this document
1. Eligibility
Aspen partners with field experts to search for and identify strong institutions with better-than-expected labor market outcomes and evidence of strong practices.
2. Application
Eligible institutions are invited to fill out up to three program applications for programs within specified STEM areas (i.e. Adv. Man., Energy, IT, Healthcare)
3. Program Selection and Scholar Selection
A selection committee of community college and workforce experts evaluate applications and choose the winning programs. Leaders of winning programs then work with Aspen to select scholarship recipients within their programs (Siemens Technical Scholars).
4. Research and Elevation
Winning programs and their Siemens Technical Scholars tell their stories through widely disseminated materials (i.e., scholar profiles, presentations) and assist in toolkit development.
2020 CYCLE
More information about the next cycle of the award will be available in April 2019. For questions about the award, the process, or eligibility, please e-mail Brittney Davidson, Senior Program Manager, at Brittney.Davidson@aspeninstitute.org.
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Brittney Davidson, Senior Program Manager