Chelsea Hartshorn

Institution: Central New Mexico Program: Electrical Trade Expected Graduation Year: 2017
Chelsea always dreamed of being the first person in her family to get a college degree, but the cost of school and the demands of parenthood always felt like barriers. Knowing she wanted to give her two sons the best life possible, she joined the electrical trade program at Central New Mexico Community College, which she knew would lead to high wages. Chelsea works to better not just herself but others: She is the president of an organization that helps female students pursue careers in technology and trades, she helped wire a home for Habitat for Humanity, and she ran a basic wiring class for the local chapter of the Girl Scouts—all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Chelsea’s goal is to become a journeyman electrician and open her own business specializing in green energy solutions.
The amount of support that is offered on nearly every level of the trades program is the reason I have been successful in school and will be even more so in my career. This program has allowed me to give my sons every opportunity at success and the kind of financial security I’ve always imagined.
– Chelsea Hartshorn

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