Zach Esquivel

Institution: Central New Mexico Program: Electrical Trade Graduation Year: 2016
Zach had always planned to attend college or trade school, and he found the right fit at Central New Mexico Community College. With instructors who were truly invested in his success and constantly available to field his questions and mentor him, Zach didn’t feel like he could fail. He graduated the electrical trades program with a 4.0 GPA and is now employed as an apprentice with a regional electrical company. His preparation and willingness to learn have earned him the respect of his supervisors and colleagues. Zach gets to work at a variety of sites across states, from solar fields to commercial buildings. He continues to attend classes for a license as a journeyman electrician, which he envisions using one day to help communities struck by natural disasters.
The instructors really care about our success and future. They are always mentoring us about our future potential as electricians. The support was always available when I had questions or concerns, and it’s a big reason why I’ve had the opportunity to work in the different areas I have.
– Zach Esquivel

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