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Tackling Transfer
The majority of community college students aim to earn a bachelor’s degree, but only 14% do so within six years of entry. Aspen is working with several national partners to research transfer outcomes and replicate institutional practices that result in strong outcomes for transfer students.

Download our latest publication, "Tackling Transfer: A Guide to Convening Community Colleges and Universities to Improve Transfer Student Outcomes," which provides tools and resources to help state entities organize workshops within which teams from two- and four-year institutions work together to improve transfer and graduation outcomes for their students.
  • Assess
    Rigorously analyze student success data as well as the practices of colleges that achieve strong and improving levels of student success.
    Recognize and broadly disseminate what high-achieving and improving institutions do.
    Develop new knowledge, tools, and processes to support improved student outcomes.
    Assist leaders and colleges in using the tools and processes we develop with our strategic partners.
  • Explore the breadth of work we do to support improved student outcomes.
    Through research, the development of tools and other materials, and highly visible programs like the Aspen Prize, the Aspen Presidential Fellowship, and Siemens Technical Scholars, Aspen’s College Excellence Program works to help improve college student success.
  • Download research as well as practice guides and tools generated through our work.
    Our publications offer concrete examples, strategies, and tools aimed at helping colleges and their leaders improve student success in four areas: learning, completion, post-graduation employment, and equitable outcomes for underrepresented students.
“[The Aspen Presidential Fellowship] is a highly selective yearlong program to prepare people aspiring to or recently appointed to a community college presidency.”
— Inside Higher Ed, April 2016
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