How We Hire

Thank you for your interest in working with the College Excellence Program!

We believe that what colleges do matters.
The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program aims to advance higher education practices and leadership that significantly improve student learning, completion, and success after college—especially for the growing population of students of color and low-income students on American campuses. The College Excellence Program actively works to improve student outcomes through research, the development of tools and other resources, and highly visible programs like the Aspen Prize, the Aspen Presidential Fellowship, and the Excellence and Equity in Community College STEM Award.

Our Hiring Process
Our typical hiring process usually consists of the following steps, although this process may vary depending on the position and other circumstances.
  • Initial phone screen with a team member or hiring manager
  • Follow-up phone call with hiring manager or team member
  • Performance task to be completed independently at home ($200 compensation is provided for 4 hours of candidate’s time)
  • Panel interviews over Zoom or in-person, which include multiple CEP team members and often a one-on-one conversation with our executive director
We understand that this process requires an investment of your time, and we appreciate it. We also hope that this process gives you insight into the work you would be doing and the culture that you would be a part of if you joined the College Excellence Program.

Our hiring process is highly competitive. When we have an opening, we typically receive hundreds of applications and must turn away some fantastic people in the process. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to provide status updates to candidates. If you are selected for an interview, a member of our team will reach out via email. We encourage candidates to stay in touch as our needs, and available positions, may change over time.