Advancing college student success.

The Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program aims to advance higher education practices and leadership that significantly improve student learning, completion, and employment after college—especially for the growing population of students of color and low-income students on American campuses.

Our Supporters

The Aspen College Excellence Program deeply appreciates our funding partners,
without whom our work would not be possible.

As indicated on the program pages that follow, each partner listed above supports different strands of the Aspen College Excellence Program’s work.
We are thrilled to invest in the Aspen New Presidents Institute with @jpmorgan, which will help community college presidents in their first few years on the job develop, lead, and promote institutional reforms to improve student outcomes! day ago 0 3
The Aspen New Presidents Institute is coming soon! Our partnership with @jpmorgan will expand and enhance our work to develop the next generation of community college leaders. days ago 3 4
RT @AspenInstitute: Within a decade two-thirds of all Americans will need a college credential. Only 40% have one today, writes @JoshWyner3 days ago 4 0
RT @yashar: You should never be embarrassed that you went to a community college. Community colleges are the backbone of our secondary educ…6 days ago 5994 0
"The Davidson Trust stands as an invitation to all talented, driven students: You belong here. You will graduate and the world needs what only you can offer." - @DavidsonCollege President @carolquillen #ActivateTalent1 week ago 2 11
RT @sfoundation: We need to do more to help moms in the workforce balance jobs, school, & motherhood. Through our Siemens-Aspen Community C…2 weeks ago 4 0
Chelsea said she “didn’t want to waste any time taking extra classes," so a highly structured program was a great fit. Her instructors understood her needs as a new mom and were flexible where necessary. After graduation, she'd make around $60,000 annually.2 weeks ago 0 1
Our Siemens Technical Scholars demonstrate the opportunities that result from completing these excellent STEM programs. Chelsea, who gave birth the first week of school, chose to pursue dental hygiene at @OTCedu. @sfoundation2 weeks ago 1 1
We know that student mothers often find success in highly-structured technical programs at community colleges. The Siemens-Aspen Community College STEM Award highlights these programs which lead directly to high-demand careers with family-sustaining wages. weeks ago 1 2
This great piece by @SiemensUS_CEO reminds us of the role moms play in closing the #STEM gender gap. Too often, women are faced with pressure to choose between family, education, and technical training experiences. weeks ago 2 2