Advancing college student success.

The Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program aims to advance higher education practices and leadership that significantly improve student learning, completion, and employment after college—especially for the growing population of students of color and low-income students on American campuses.

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The Aspen College Excellence Program deeply appreciates our funding partners,
without whom our work would not be possible.

As indicated on the program pages that follow, each partner listed above supports different strands of the Aspen College Excellence Program’s work.
Aspen CEP’s Josh Wyner and Brittney Davidson discussed how to build effective community college partnerships with dozens of housing sector CEOs today. Thanks to @Harvard_JCHS for a great opportunity.5 days ago 0 7
We loved seeing updates from @MAGIC_MDC's latest Game Jam, where students designed a video game in 20 hours. As student Gabriela explained, MAGIC creates "opportunities like these for the students to understand and practice what the real world process of creation is." Great work! days ago 0 2
As our Siemens Technical Scholars head toward rewarding careers in #STEM, we're having a final celebration of everyone recognized this week. Congratulations, #STScholars! @BrowardCollege @CNMonline @MDCollege @OTCedu @valenciacollege @sfoundation week ago 7 17
RT @SCCollege: TO: @sfoundation, @AspenHigherEd FROM: South Central College's 2018 Siemens Technical Scholars "Thanks for the scholarship…1 week ago 2 0
RT @valenciacollege: Congratulations to our 2018 Siemens Technical Scholars and Mentors: Brianna Gonzalez, Kacie Paulk, Juan Luna, Michael…1 week ago 1 0
Congratulations to the Siemens Technical Scholars honored at @CNMonline and @valenciacollege yesterday! You are making a difference in the lives of others and we're excited for your continued career opportunities in #STEM. @sfoundation #STScholars1 week ago 1 3
RT @CNMonline: It may sound simple, but there's a lot that goes into preparing students w/essential skills for the workplace. Thank you @…2 weeks ago 3 0
Sending our congratulations to the @MDCollege Siemens Technical Scholars honored at yesterday's ceremony. Your contributions to #STEM are inspiring, and we're eager to see what your future holds! #STScholars @sfoundation @MAGIC_MDC2 weeks ago 1 5
RT @MAGIC_MDC: Congratulations to our 2018 Siemens Technical Scholars! 💫 @AspenHigherEd @sfoundation @MAGIC_MDC #STScholars #STEM #comm_2 weeks ago 2 0
We're celebrating the @OTCedu Siemens Technical Scholars today! #STScholars are making a difference for the future of #STEM and we look forward to the exciting career opportunities ahead of them. @sfoundation2 weeks ago 0 4