Marisha Baker

Institution: Daytona State College Program: Nursing Expected Graduation Year: 2017 
Marisha got to know the power of nursing intimately when her son, a 1.6-pound micro-preemie, spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit after his birth. Marisha, a young single mother, was so inspired by the care her child received and so committed to providing for him that she made up her mind to go back to school and become a nurse. At Daytona State College, Marisha has been working toward an associate’s degree in nursing and learning through clinical experiences—while boosting both her GPA and her confidence. After graduation, Marisha aims to pursue a master’s of science in nursing and use what she calls an “indescribable” passion for people to help others just as she has been helped.
I now realize nothing worth having comes easy. No matter what, failure isn’t an option for me, so I will keep progressing through college with every bit of ambition and perseverance within me. My aim is to give back to others in ways that others have given unto me. Love, compassion, support, inspiration, and encouragement is what I plan to entrust throughout my profession.
– Marisha Baker

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