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Prioritizing Transfer for Tomorrow’s Higher Education Landscape

As four-year colleges and universities make their way through an unprecedented semester, they are now taking stock of a fall enrollment landscape informed by the public health impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying economic recession. Summer enrollment data and accounts from across the country make clear that students from lower-income backgrounds and communities of color […]

How Private Four-Year Institutions Can Pave a Path for Community College Transfers to Postsecondary Success

This is the second installment in a series dedicated to expanding transfer opportunity at high-graduation-rate, four-year colleges and universities. Administrators, faculty, and staff at selective colleges and universities often assume that transfer students from community college won’t be able to make the grade. In fact, private institutions are better served by enrolling more community college […]

Supporting Black Students and Black Leaders in Higher Ed

For Black History Month 2022, we reached out to Aspen Presidential Fellows past and present to hear their thoughts on why it’s essential to support Black students and Black leaders in higher education. We received numerous thoughtful responses (check them out on Twitter and LinkedIn), but we were particularly moved by the response we received […]