Aspen-AASCU Transfer Student Success Intensive

What is the Aspen-AASCU Transfer Student Success Intensive?

The Aspen-AASCU Transfer Student Success Intensive is a one-year initiative featuring monthly virtual sessions and consulting hours designed to support partnerships between community colleges and members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). The workshop series provides practical support aimed at advancing practices associated with improved transfer student success. Each team is composed of one AASCU four-year institution and one partner community college, with 10 teams being selected for participation in the 2025-26 Transfer Intensive (Cohort 4). Each team completes a Strategic Transfer Excellence Plan (STEP) that showcases their transfer partnership agreement and future reform. The program is free for all participants, thanks to the generous support of Ascendium.

Please see more details about the project below. Contact Kate Hamilton, Senior Program Manager, with any questions:
What is the impact of the Transfer Intensive?
Since its establishment in 2021, the Transfer Intensive has reached:
  • 17 minority-serving institutions (15 HSIs, 1 PBI, 1 AANAPISI)
  • 91 colleges and three state systems in 18 states, including 41 AASCU members
  • Collectively, these colleges serve:
    • 1,132,492 undergraduate students
    • 16,000+ transfer students
Past participants have routinely expressed that the most helpful aspects of the Intensive included:
  • "the rare opportunity, especially for presidents and cabinet-level leaders, to focus exclusively on transfer”,
  • the large community and “expanded network and connection to others across the field”, and
  • the “peer consultancy” provided during sessions and office hours.
Transfer Intensive Alumni Teams
2021-23: Cohort 1 and 2 
Transfer Intensive reached:
  • 20 states
  • 71 institutions/3 systems ​
  • 21 rural/town institutions​
  • 50 suburban/urban institutions ​
  • 27 MSIs (9 HSIs, 1 PBI, 1 AANAPISI)​
  • 1,008,649+ undergrads served annually​
  • 13,000+ transfers between partners annually​
  • 63 presidents​
  • ~500 administrators and practitioners 
2024-25: Cohort 3
Transfer Intensive will reach:
  • 9 states
  • 20 institutions (10 CCs, 10 4-yrs)​
  • 13 suburban/urban institutions
  • 7 rural/town institutions​​
  • 6 MSIs 
  • 123,843 undergrads served annually​​ 
Why participate in the Transfer Intensive?
The Transfer Intensive provides participating institutions with:
  • A year-long, 12-part, virtual series of strategy-focused workshops based on the @Aspen Institute and @Community College Research Center (CCRC) Transfer Playbook and other transfer research
  • Four hours of free consulting to support your transfer efforts
  • Support to identify, understand, collect, and utilize critical disaggregated transfer data
  • A national community of practice focused on elevating excellence in transfer reform
  • Elevation of your institution’s transfer success reforms, stories, and successful practices on Aspen and AASCU media and communication platforms
What is the time commitment of the Transfer Intensive?
  • Presidents of all participating institutions must attend the five presidential sessions (detailed in the session calendar here).
  • Additional team members must attend each monthly session (detailed in the Cohort 4 session calendar here).
  • For details on full roles and responsibilities of all team members, please see this document.
What does the application for Cohort 4 of the Transfer Intensive require?
For a full list of application materials, please visit the application survey.
What is the timeline for cohort 4?
Interested AASCU four-year institutions and community colleges should jointly fill out our application survey and upload all required documents as a team by 11:59 pm (Pacific time) Monday, September 16, 2024.
  • Selected teams will be notified no later than Monday, October 14, 2024.
  • The virtual launch event is scheduled for February 6, 2025 from 2:00 - 4:30 pm EST.
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