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Loving Students to Success

In 2014, leaders at Amarillo College recognized that students were dropping out not because they struggled academically. Rather, they were struggling to survive—to afford housing and food and transportation, find care for their children, and get the health care and legal help they needed. So Amarillo College reshaped itself around a core conviction: You can’t […]

Advancing Social Mobility

In and around Paducah, Kentucky, there’s been a change in what it takes to support a family. Many low-skill jobs in dominant industries like agriculture and mining have gradually disappeared, and some fields, like marine technology, have begun to require more education to progress. Amid this transition, West Kentucky Community and Technical College has been […]

Making Success a Given for Students

Candace Hooper-Ellison, 31, had been a stay-at-home mom without college ambitions when her husband lost his job. As Candace began looking for work to help support her family, she realized she would need a college degree to land a job. So, 10 years after graduating from high school, Candace enrolled in San Antonio College to […]