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Prioritizing Transfer for Tomorrow’s Higher Education Landscape

As four-year colleges and universities make their way through an unprecedented semester, they are now taking stock of a fall enrollment landscape informed by the public health impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying economic recession. Summer enrollment data and accounts from across the country make clear that students from lower-income backgrounds and communities of color […]

How Private Four-Year Institutions Can Pave a Path for Community College Transfers to Postsecondary Success

This is the second installment in a series dedicated to expanding transfer opportunity at high-graduation-rate, four-year colleges and universities. Administrators, faculty, and staff at selective colleges and universities often assume that transfer students from community college won’t be able to make the grade. In fact, private institutions are better served by enrolling more community college […]

Transforming Transfer Culture at Scale: Insights for Public Universities

This is the third installment in a series dedicated to expanding transfer opportunity at high-graduation-rate, four-year colleges and universities. Public universities nationwide have long excelled in recruiting and admitting large numbers of community college transfer students: roughly 300,000 a year, about four times the number that private institutions enroll. For many of those students, however, […]

Loving Students to Success

In 2014, leaders at Amarillo College recognized that students were dropping out not because they struggled academically. Rather, they were struggling to survive—to afford housing and food and transportation, find care for their children, and get the health care and legal help they needed. So Amarillo College reshaped itself around a core conviction: You can’t […]

Advancing Social Mobility

In and around Paducah, Kentucky, there’s been a change in what it takes to support a family. Many low-skill jobs in dominant industries like agriculture and mining have gradually disappeared, and some fields, like marine technology, have begun to require more education to progress. Amid this transition, West Kentucky Community and Technical College has been […]

Taking Responsibility for Student Outcomes After Graduation

Over the last decade, many community colleges have made strides in committing to student success through graduation. At San Jacinto College, in the Houston metropolitan area, that commitment doesn’t end with a diploma. Rather, San Jac takes responsibility for how students fare even after leaving the college, both in the workforce and at transfer destinations. […]

Providing Students with a Roadmap to Success from Day One

Many colleges have adopted guided pathways reforms—that is, reorganizing the student experience so that everyone has a clear destination, an organized path to get there, and effective support along the way. Broward College adopted guided pathways early and remains a national exemplar. Every major comes with a program map that lays out each course to […]
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