Pascale Charlot, J.D.

Pascale Charlot is the President of Kendall Campus at Miami Dade College. Regarded for its academic excellence, high graduation rates, and track record of raising students’ economic status, MDC’s values are the fundamental tenets of the Honors College. Pascale has improved the quality of the program by developing an innovative equity pathway for first-generation college students from historically underrepresented communities that integrates both academic affairs and student services. The program is recognized nationally for student success and completion after transferring to selective institutions for bachelor’s and graduate degrees. In fact, 47 percent of Honors College graduates transfer to schools ranked in the top 100 colleges nationally by U.S. News and World Report. Ninety-six percent of Honors alumni have earned their bachelor degrees when they transfer. During her tenure, Honors students have made Miami Dade College the institution earning the most Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships in the nation.

Not unlike the students she serves, Charlot, a Haitian-American, had a nontraditional path to her current role. Charlot attained her bachelor of arts in sociology and economics with a certificate in women’s studies from Duke University as a transfer student. She later earned her juris doctor degree from the University of Michigan School of Law. She has also held assistant dean positions at New York University School of Law and Rutgers Law School-Newark, where she demonstrated success in building student-centered learning communities fueled by a culture of care to help students achieve their goals.

Always looking for ways to bring out the best in others, Charlot creates the right conditions for people to succeed.